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Kay Mastelero’s Croi-nish

The best way to use frozen croissant dough! History in the making. 2021 will go down in history as “the year Edmontonians went crazy for croissants.” Thousands of people swarmed Costco’s across the city and purchased giant boxes of unbaked-frozen croissants. Northern Alberta had the enticing aroma of an upscale […]

Authentic Guacamole
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Authentic Guacamole

When it comes to making authentic Guacamole, it doesn’t get more authentic than using a molcajete! So the next time you are in Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta, you should pick one up! Tell me honestly, have you ever noticed that the Guacamole tastes so much better when you are on […]

French onion soup
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French Onion Soup

Doug’s way… Being a flight attendant and travelling worldwide definitely has its perks, like not making your bed or sharing the channel changer. In my opinion, the biggest perk is enjoying the local cuisine and enjoying the locals take on your favourite dishes like French onion soup. Needless to say, […]

Coissant Cones
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Croissant Cones

Costco’s ready-to-bake frozen croissants make these versatile Croissant Cones a delicious treat! However you decide to fill them- custard, pudding, whipped cream, and berries, your guests will be asking for more! YEG Costco Lovers are a creative bunch! The following recipe comes from Vicky Kulak, a fellow YEG Costco Lover. […]

Travel Trends for 2022

Travel Trends for 2022 and Beyond.

Travel trends for 2022 have an overall theme. Go BIG! We have had two years to dream and plan, and we’ve got big plans. We are ready and itching to go, whether bucket list travel or multigenerational vacations. Let’s take a look at the booking trends as travel opens up. […]