Picture of Lesa going about her day

Hi, I’m Lesa!

Let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Lesa, and I’m a food blogger and furloughed Flight Attendant (thanks, COVID). And like many of my colleagues, I’m forced to reinvent myself- hopefully just temporarily. I can’t jump on a plane and go to France for the weekend, so I’m here figuring out how to blog. They say you should write about what you know, so let’s start with food. Good food. Easy food. Welcome to my food blog!

Anyway, this blog isn’t just about food, so I can’t be called a food blogger, and this can’t be a food blog! Who knows what you’ll find on this page! A product review,  what to do in Paris for 24 hours,  my favourite watering hole in Dublin, the possibilities are endless! Oh, and I have a YouTube channel in case you want more of me! So I guess you can call me LESA – food, travel, product reviewer, opinionated YouTuber and blogger! Will that fit on a business card? Do food, travel, product reviewer, and opinionated YouTube-bloggers need business cards?  

I can tell you that here at Served with Ice, we are all about simple! What you see is what you get! We’re not about fancy blogs or fancy food. Don’t get me wrong; we love pretty things and delicious food. But we don’t want to be tied to the kitchen all day, so we find shortcuts! Not wanting to spend all our money on food, we find ways to save! We are about making life simple so you can get on with making it extraordinary. We are the Ice in your Gin & Tonic! Speaking of G&T, you have to try the rhubarb ginger gin!

P.S: my favourite watering hole in Dublin is a complete dive! It’s so awesome! More on that later…

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