Author: Lesa Nelson

Alaska Cruise Packing Tips

Are you looking for some Alaska cruise packing tips because you’re ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime through Alaska’s breathtaking wilderness? Let me help you because you’re about to set sail on an unforgettable cruise experience! Layers, Layers, Layers! Alaska’s weather can be as unpredictable as it […]


Virgin Voyages: Wellness, Entertainment, and Unbeatable Deals

Welcome to the world of Virgin Voyages, where luxury cruising gets redefined with a unique blend of wellness, entertainment, and incredible savings. If you’re looking for a sea journey that goes beyond the typical, Virgin Voyages offers an experience that’s hard to resist, especially with their latest promotion! Picture yourself […]


Alaska By Cunard

Navigating Alaska’s Majesty: An Enchanting Expedition Aboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth Are you ready for Alaska by Cunard? I recently had the incredible opportunity to embark on an awe-inspiring journey aboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, as we set sail to explore the pristine wilderness of Alaska. From the moment I stepped on […]


Amazon must-haves for your next cruise!

Whether it’s your first or 20th, I’m here to help with my Amazon must-haves for your next cruise! Cruising is the type of travel experience where you want to be prepared and have everything ready. If you think you might need it, bring it! Let’s get to it! Luggage Tag […]


Cunard’s Sample Menus

Golden Lion Britannia Main Dining Bamboo Frontier Room Service Have a hunger for Alaska by Cunard? Click here for an Exclusive sailing offer for 2024!  


What can you do to prevent Parental Burnout?

Parental burnout will, once again, rear its ugly head as summer begins to wind down. You know that feeling of exhaustion and being overwhelmed after spending the summer season with their children. Is it really parental burnout? You can learn more about parental burnout in this article by the American […]