Bloody Tequila Sunrise

Bloody Tequila Sunrise

Are you looking for a fun cocktail to serve at your next Halloween party? Look no further! This Bloody Tequila Sunrise is sure to spook your guests. Not a tequila fan? Just swap it out with Vodka for a Bloody Screwdriver. If a Tequila Sunrise is too old school for […]

Garlic Parmesan Marinara

Basic Garlic Parmesan Marinara Sauce

Wait a second, garlic and Parmesan doesn’t sound all that basic. Well, I didn’t say basic Marinara Sauce! I said basic Garlic Parmesan Marinara. And I only use the word basic because it’s so easy to make! It’s not basic in taste! What can I use Garlic Parmesan Marinara for? […]


How to Prevent Maskne

Thanks to 2020, phrases like maskne and new normal, are everyday words. Both make me cringe! While I can’t stop people from saying “new normal,” thanks to my friend Rose, founder of F.L.Y MediSpa, I can help you prevent Maskne. And hopefully, remove that nasty word from our vocabulary. What […]