From Flight Attendant to Entrepreneur!

I called my friend Rose the other day to get some advice on mask acne. Ever since we started working the Dreamliner together, she has been my go-to girl for skincare advice. Rose had some exciting news for me. She was making the leap from Flight Attendant to Entrepreneur with F.L.Y. MediSpa! To celebrate, she is giving you a gift!

Rose, flight attendant & entrepreneur

She told me that she wouldn’t sit around and wait for the airline industry to recover. She was taking charge and starting her own business. Using state-of-the-art technology, Rose has founded F.L.Y MediSpa. She is all about helping you love the skin you’re in! Before I tell you about the incredible technology she is using, let me inspire you with her story.

Oh, not only did she give me some excellent advice for the mask acne, she said I could share it with you, so stick around!

Her Flight Path from Flight Attendant to Entrepreneur.

Like many young girls, Rose has always had her head in the clouds with wild dreams for her future. One day she would be playing with her dolls dreaming of doing hair and makeup. The next, she would be looking at photos of glamorous flight attendants travelling the world and looking fabulous.

Rose isn’t the kind of girl to sit back and let life happen. Fresh out of high school, she went to school for aesthetics. She graduated in 1990 and joyfully started her career in the beauty industry. This was followed by beginning her family and adding to her skills with hairdressing.

Fast forward a few years. Rose became interested in the medical side of aesthetics, so she decided to shift her focus slightly.

There she was, the career of her dreams and a new family. Life was amazing! How could it possibly get better?

Well, it did! In 2013, she had the opportunity to make another one of her dreams come true! Rose was about to get those glamorous wings she had always dreamed about. She was offered a job as a Flight Attendant, and it was everything she imagined. By 2020, she was flying high in a Dreamliner! Having Guinness in Ireland one day, visiting castles in England the next. Champagne at the Eiffel tower? Yup, that too!

Rose, flight attendant & entrepreneur
Houston, we have a problem.

Then, what seemed like overnight, a pandemic swept over the world. It put the airline industry into a downward spiral, and hundreds of thousands of airline employees lost their job. Rose’s dream career came crashing down.

Meanwhile, Rose’s daughter had just finished her clinical aesthetics. With the beauty industry shut down, Ashley was jobless with no hope in sight.

Rose refused to be defeated! She decided to take advantage of the time they both had to mentor her daughter as they built a business together.

After a lot of hard work, dedication, and many sleepless nights, Rose is ready to share her dream with you.  And she has a few special offers for Served With Ice readers!

Rose, this is your dream speaking. You’re clear to land!

Let me introduce you to F.L.Y. Medispa! For a complete list of the services they offer, visit

FLY logo

What makes F.L.Y. Medispa unique? It’s technology!

Hair removal

Hair removal with the Triton is the most advanced laser hair removal technology out there. You will see results faster than any other machine on the market. The technology is dual lite and dual dark.  Rose says that “With this machine, we can treat all skin types safely! This is very exciting for me. I won’t have to tell anyone they can’t be treated because their skin is too dark.” Take a peek at this sexy machine!

Lumecca IPL Facial

The other treatment that she will be offering is a Lumecca IPL Facia, using Lumecca Inmodes IPL Technology. This technology targets vascular and pigmentation issues on the skin. Learn more about the technology here

Factora Skin Resurfacing

Fractora will target the texture of the skin. It helps reduce scarring from things like acne and produces collagen for skin tightening. They can treat all skin types with this! Want to learn more? Find all the information here

This is your Captain speaking, sit back, relax, and let Rose make your skin beautiful!

As promised, Rose has several special offers for you! (Valid until October 15, 2020)

  • Free Consultation
  • The Grand Celebration Special*– One-year unlimited hair removal $1000 +gst
  • One free small body part hair removal: lip, chin, ears, underarm, cheeks, hands, feet, or neckline.
  • 25% off any regularly priced package

All deals are for a limited time, and some conditions apply.

Just mentioned Served With Ice to receive these awesome deals

Book online today!

Don’t forget to follow Rose on social media for future specials.



Has Rose’s story, from Flight Attendant to Entrepreneur, inspired you to take a step in the direction of your dreams? If so, let F.L.Y Medispa help you put your best face forward! (haha, I’m so punny!)

The D.I.Y Face Mask

Oh, I promised to share Rose’s at-home tricks for mask acne. She suggests changing your mask more often, washing it with a delicate detergent, and using this Old fashioned Oat, Honey and Tumeric face mask once a week. See Roses’ advice for Mask Acne.

Need more help? Head to F.L.Y MediSpa for your free consultation.


  • The one year starts from the date of 1st treatment.
  • Must start within six weeks of purchase.
  • Maximum visits twice a month.
  • Not transferable or shareable.
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to appointment.
  • A $50 re-booking fee will be charged for no shows.
  • Absolutely no refunds.
  • For a limited time only.


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