Feels like home with Spaghetti Carbonara

“Simple things make life amazing, like the ice in your Gin & Tonic!”

– Lesa Nelson

Thanks for visiting Served With Ice, home of our brand new blog! As you can see, we are in the infancy stage so you’ll have the privilege to be part of this site as it grows and morphs while we develop new recipes and content. That’s a nice way of saying stick around while we figure out how to build a website through trial and error! (are you ready for this?)

I’m so excited for you! You get to watch Served With Ice grow! I promise it won’t be as painful as watching your kids…. maybe I shouldn’t make false promises! We know nothing about websites and blogs, so this might be painful! Please stick with us! Eventually, we’ll get that print button on the recipe card to work! Update: It works! Check out our very first recipe for almond croissants. It’s hands down, one of my favourites!

There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on in the Kitchen! 2020 hasn’t been all doom and gloom! It’s been the kick in the butt that some of us have needed to recreate a recipe or ourselves! Stick around to see what everyone has been up to! Better yet, subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a thing! Plus, when you see a post you like, share it with your friends.

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