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Simple Syrup for Cocktails

If you’re looking up recipes for Simple Syrup, you are likely new to at-home mixology. Hi friend! Welcome to the world’s fasted growing club! The club that makes you realize that there is a silver lining to this pandemic! People worldwide are Poppin bottles and getting creative with their at-home […]

Gin smash

Basil Cucumber Gin Smash

I was trying to decide what I wanted to drink while I watched the elections in the USA. I decided to have a Basil Cucumber Gin Smash. Let me walk you through my decision-making process! Since I’m still not working, I need to keep my skills sharp! Quick decision making […]

Drinks, Recipes

Smoke’n Blackberry Sage Margarita

You can have your drink and sage the room at the same time this Halloween with the Smoke’n Blackberry Sage Margarita. The classic margarita is one of my favourite drinks. But today, we will make a delicious and spooky and smoky version for Halloween using blackberries and sage! Yes, get […]