Travel and drinks

“We like our vacations hot, and our drinks served with ice!”

– Lesa Nelson, travel expert

My love of travel started when I was about 5 years old, and I went on an airplane for the very first time. It was magical! We flew from Edmonton to Toronto, and I was captivated by everything! The people, the flight attendants, the seats…. Everything! According to my Dad, the second we landed in Toronto, I looked at him and said, “let’s do that again!”

Guess what. When I was 40 years old, I did it again! And again, and again. After 6 years in the travel industry, I decided to become a Flight Attendant! What a ride!

Side note: When I told my sister I was hired as a Flight Attendant, she looked confused and said, “Don’t you have to be young, hot, and skinny to be a flight attendant?” Oh, the sisterly love! In her defence, there are still some airlines where this is true.

One of the reasons I love to travel is because I love food! I’ll bring you many recipes from my travels, like the recipe for Authentic Guacamole! So good!

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