Costco Swiss Gear Luggage Set

Costco Swiss Gear Luggage

I’ve been dying to do this Costco Swiss Gear Luggage Review! I broke down and bought the 3-piece Swiss Gear luggage from Costco! I desperately needed some new bags, I was at Costco, and the luggage looked all shiny and cute.. so I just bought it! I had an upcoming cruise with Virgin Voyages, so I wanted to look sharp! If you’re not a Costco shopper, you can find very similar bags in the Swissgear store on Amazon.

Costco Swiss Gear Luggage
Luggage Set


Luggage is my life! As a Travel Agent, luggage is a tool of the trade, or at least that’s what I tell my husband! I may be a little critical, but when it comes to vacations and travel, I’m all business! I test this stuff out and give you the best advice to make every aspect and detail of the journey enjoyable! (This wasn’t meant to be a shameless plug, yet here we are….  

Also, I should put a disclaimer on my photography. I broke the camera on my iPhone when I dropped it on my way home from an opening night celebration in London. I was punishing myself for being so careless and refused to buy a new phone. Now that I see you are being punished with these awful photos, I will buy a new phone…… just for you!


They look great. In fact, I love the aesthetic! Every time someone walked by me at the airport with the same luggage, they caught my eye. It seemed like every second person had Swiss Gear. It made me laugh because I’m sure they were also wearing Puma socks!

Reasonable price compared to other luggage in other stores. Let’s face it, everything is expensive! This luggage set was about $75 bucks cheaper last year, and I paid just under $300.

I Love that the interior is divided in half with the zip-up divider, making it easy to pack and overpack!

The smallest case fits perfectly into the overhead bins. (more about this in the cons)

They all fit inside each other like Russian Dolls for easy storage.


The smallest case does not fit into the carry-on measuring device at the airport. Airlines are getting ridged with this. Regardless, on my last trip, I had to check my carry-on on my way home from Miami, and I was stuck lugging around my computer without a bag. Not a pleasant experience. The small case fits into the overhead bin with plenty of room to spare. Why be so problematic with this Air Canada? Let me have my carry-on! Listen, I used to be a flight attendant, so I understand that carry-on luggage is a major cause of delayed flights, but it’s still frustrating.

The handles feel a bit flimsy. Rolling down the hallway and off the Ship on my last cruise was painful! (And not just because I didn’t want to get off my unforgettable adults-only cruise with delicious food and very adult entertainment….. The handles felt like they could snap at any moment, and the bags’ weight and the rug’s friction were just too much.

The inside zipper divider is not well made and will come apart at the seam. Perhaps I overstuff my bags, but that’s how I roll! My TravelPro bag takes that kind of abuse from me. TravelPro is the brand most airlines use for their crew, so you know those bags can take abuse!

Ripped Costco Swiss Gear Luggage

2 packable halves- This is my first time with a suitcase where you can pack equal amounts of clothing on both sides. I loved the idea, and boy, can you pack a ton of crap! However, fully packed, the 2 halves become too heavy to close easily……. And I was only using the medium bag!

Is there such a thing as too big? Yes, yes, there is! While I didn’t use the larger bag yet, I lent it to my son, who had to do some rearranging at the airport because the bag was too heavy. Plus, on my way home from Montreal the other day, I waited in line as I watched 2 families hold up the check-in process as they rearranged their baggage because the large bag was just too heavy. If you’re going to use the large bag, pack wisely and weigh it before you get to the airport. The moral of the story, the large suitcase fully packed will cost you extra (money or time) at the airport, so pack wisely!

Would I recommend this luggage?

Yes and No

If you can afford better luggage, buy better luggage! Look for brands that the crews use. TravelPro is one of my favs! If you travel a lot, it will be worth the investment.

If this luggage is the only luggage in your price range, then do it. However, just know you get what you pay for. Ultimately, if you pack light and be gentle, you’ll get more use from your luggage.

Ask yourself if you need all three sizes. If not, buy better bags at another store and get only the size you need. Save yourself some money.

Sorry Costco, but I don’t love everything you carry! However, I do love 98% of everything! If you enjoyed this Costco Swiss Gear Luggage Review, you may enjoy my other reviews.

Dog on Costco Swiss Gear Luggage
Guinness is not a fan either!

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