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My Karen Phytoplankton Project!

When Karen Phytoplankton hit the shelves in Costco, and all of you started talking about it on the YEG Costco lovers page, I decided I wanted to try it. It’s been a month, and I’m here to update you on my journey.

First of all, what the heck is Phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton is a microscopic plant that grows on the surface of the ocean. This tiny nutritional powerhouse is packed with the nutrients your body needs for optimal health.

Karen Phytoplankton is sustainably grown. To learn more, just head over to their website.

Karen Phytoplankton package

What does Phytoplankton do?

Different people will experience different benefits from taking a supplement like Karen Phytoplankton. It all depends on what your body needs and what your body is lacking.

One quick google search will provide you with a ton of information about the benefits of Phytoplankton. But, I’ve worked with a group of people who have used different forms of Phytoplankton and swear by their usefulness and I’m here to share their claims. To be clear, I’m a flight attendant, not a researcher. The following claims have been gathered during jumpseat confessionals and filed away in my memory. Oh, the things you learn in a jumpseat! (that’s a whole other blog post…. Or book)

I swear flight attendants are the most significant users of phytoplanktons! The next time you’re on a flight, check out their water bottle; chances are it’s green! And, to be honest, we flight attendants need all the help we can get! We don’t get proper nutrition, we’re often dehydrated, and our sleep cycles are messed up….. I could go on, but you get the picture.

My flighty colleagues have claimed that phytoplanktons have helped:

  • Improve their skin
  • Improve bowel movements
  • Reduce sugar cravings (apparently, it stabilizes your blood sugar)
  • Improved memory
  • Reduced depression symtoms
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Aid with brain fog
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Increase cell regeneration after an injury

Some of my colleagues have also stated they take Phytoplankton to improve cardiovascular health and to help detox their bodies. Lord knows we need a good detox after a weekend in the pubs in Dublin!

Note: I did some research, and flight attendants are not the largest consumer of phytoplankton globally. In fact, that title goes to the Blue Whale! Here are 11 of the best place to go whale watching.

Karen Phytoplankton tablet and box

What did Karen Phytoplanktons do for me?

While I’ve been interested in trying phytoplanktons for a while, I’ve always been skeptical. It took me 10 years of watching my flight attendant friends consume it before I even tried it! Now, I ask myself why I didn’t try it sooner!

Karen says it could take over 30 days to see any benefits, but I noticed improvements immediately.

Less Fatigue

Within the first week of taking Karen Phytoplankton, I noticed I had a bit more energy. I didn’t get that afternoon down that I usually get. My husband decided to take Karen as well, and the first thing he noticed was that he was less tired.

Improved Bowel Movements

This had me worried for a couple of days. I remember a couple of you saying you couldn’t take Phytoplankton because it upset your digestive system. Without going into too much detail, I went to the bathroom a couple of times a day for the first few days. Was it Karen? I don’t know. But it only lasted a couple of days, and ever since, things have been great! Really great! Better than ever! (Fun fact; flight attendants talk about poop…. A lot! We often suffer from constipation.)

Reduced Brain Fog

Before starting Karen, I suffered from some pretty severe brain fog. It was a lingering symptom of my battle with Covid, and it did not want to go away. I couldn’t concentrate long enough to make a Facebook post! Look at me now….. I can write a blog post that most of you won’t have the attention span to read to the end! (Karen just might help with that!)


I wasn’t going to mention this one. Still, after speaking to other people who claim they have experienced fewer allergies, I thought I should. I have some sort of strange allergy that pops up a couple of times a month. For 24 hours, my eyes water, my nose turns into a faucet, and I sneeze constantly. It’s hell! I’ve been tested, and apparently, I’m not allergic to anything. I’ve decided that toxins build up in my body, and that’s how my body reacts. I haven’t had my allergies since starting Karen! Now, it’s only been a month, so I may be saying this prematurely. But If I make it to the end of the second month without my allergies flaring up, Karen will be a staple in my supplement routine!

Close up of Karen phytoplankton

Will I continue using Karen Phytoplankton?


Before starting my journey with Karen Photoplanktons, I knew I would be doing this review. Like all my reviews, paid or unpaid, I wanted to provide you with the most honest review possible. That meant I took a few days to take stock of how I was feeling without Karen. I noted how bad my brain fog was, how tired I was in the afternoon, etc. It was easier for me to track even the most minor changes by really taking note of how I felt.

Like any supplement, the changes you notice are gradual, but I have seen enough improvement to keep going!

I find it fascinating how a supplement can improve so many different aspects of our health. Everyone will notice slightly different benefits depending on what their body needs. Have you tried Karen Phytoplankton? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

But don’t just listen to me! See what others are saying about the Karen Project!

Be sure to check out my other product reviews, and if there is something you want me to review, just send me an email.

This post was written as part of a paid partnership.


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  1. Hi,where can I buy it and how I drink it? It’s good for all Family?

  2. Patricia Beemer

    I take Organika Collagen Protein powder daily will I still be able to this ty

    • This would be a good question for a nutritionist. However, I don’t think I saw anything on the box that said you shouldn’t take it with other supplements.
      Have a great say!

  3. I have an ostomy and as a 73 year old having had 2 surgeries I simply could not get moving in the morning… but now I am generally up by 9:39 or 10 and definitely have a better frame of mind and more energy. My bowel movements are better and no diarrhea. A blessing for sure.


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