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Amazon Tips and Secrets you Need to Know!

As an Amazon Associate, I’ve spent hundreds of hours lost in the Amazon jungle, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned! Arm yourself with my Amazon tips and secrets, and become a better Amazon shopper today!

Happy Shopper

Third-Party Seller or Amazon. Should I care?

First of all, should you care if you’re buying directly from Amazon or a third-party seller? Yes, and here’s why.

If you eat it, drink it, slather it on your body, or plug it into the wall, make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller. There are a lot of counterfeit items out there. And while Amazon does a great job assuring you get what you actually order, it is harder for them to have the same controls over the third-party sellers.

Canadian Deals and Promotions suggests that you refrain from buying brand names from third-party sellers on Amazon unless you verify they are authorized sellers. Those Nike you just purchased from the ACB123 store might not be the real deal.

With that being said, there are often huge deals from third-party sellers, and the quality is usually fantastic. Many deals on the Canadian Deals and Promotions Facebook page are third-party sellers. So don’t let this warning scare you. Just be aware and shop smart.

Sponsored Ads.

When you search on Amazon, the first items that pop up are often sponsored ads. The seller has forked over some big bucks to have their item pop up first. It does not mean it’s the best or most popular item.

Often, these items will have lots of reviews because they sell so many due to the preferential add placement. It’s always a good idea to look deeper into the search results. You may find the same item but way cheaper a couple of pages in.

A to Z Guarantee.

There are a lot of shady deals that go on every day, and Amazon is not immune to this. More and more third-party sellers are using the platform, and scams happen!

A friend of mine bought a pair of leggings on Amazon that never came. When she finally contacted the seller, he gave her a sob story and asked her not to report him because he needed the money for school. She wasn’t falling for it! She got in touch with Amazon, and they refunded her. No problem at all!

With Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee, you can shop in confidence!


Trust the Amazon Reviews. (Kidding! Learn to figure out if a review is real or fake)

It came as a huge surprise to another friend when they were approached to receive a free product for a 5-star review. What a great way to get the free product, right? Wrong! Sure, you may get a few free items, but Amazon will catch on and suspend you from reviewing products. Then you will be stuck with many things that you can’t review. And if you can’t review them, you won’t get your money from the seller. Still, there are a lot of fake reviews that make it into the system.

It’s not worth the hassle! Trust me! (Well, trust my friend.)

You’ll just have to use your instinct to decide if the reviews are genuine or not. If all the reviews are 5 stars and there are less than 30 reviews, it cries fakes. If there is a good mix of positive and negative, you can probably trust them.

Make Sure You Price Check.

Even if the item is listed at 80% off, do your homework and check your prices. Amazon prices are constantly changing. One day your headphones are 80% off and cost $20, and the next day the same headphones could be listed for $19 regular price. Do your homework!

Clip the Coupons.

There is a section inside Amazon that lists products that have coupons. There is a lot to sort through. Canadian Deals and Promotions list numerous items with coupons, and it’s worth taking a look if you want to save big!

Amazon Tips an Secrets use coupons

Shop the Warehouse Deals

There is a gem of a section on Amazon where you can find significant discounts on almost anything. Warehouse Deals are available for various reasons, from open or damaged boxes to refurbished items.

I’ve purchased Warehouse Deals before, and I’ve never been disappointed.

Interest-Free Loans.

Not really a loan, but Amazon will let you make interest-free monthly payments on certain items. If you’re buying a big-ticket item, why not take advantage of that?

While I highly discourage spending money you don’t have, sometimes you just have to. So, if money is tight, this could be a great way to replace that broken TV.

Subscribe and Save.

This program isn’t available on all Amazon items, but when you see it, check it out! It will give you an additional discount and is available on items that you tend to buy repeatedly. It’s as easy as signing up and telling Amazon how often you want to receive the item. For example, you could get an additional 10% off your dish soap if you get it automatically shipped to you once a month.

It’s a great way to take additional coin off the items you purchase repeatedly. You can get things delivered as often as you need them. Every 2 weeks? 4 Weeks? 6 months? You’re in control! You can even skip a delivery or cancel any time!

Amazon Tips and Secrets piggy bank

My Favourite Amazon Tip: Watch for Codes!

And the final tip of Amazon Tips and Secrets: Subscribe and Save!

What is this mysterious Amazon code? Amazon sellers create discount codes that an associate, like me, can share with their readers.

Some are listed on Amazon, some are secret, and some are exclusive. But all will help you save big! We list some of the best code deals in our Amazon Deals section in this Blog!

Most codes will give you between 35-and 50% off, with some as high as 80%.

To use a code, you simply copy and paste it into the box at check-out that says, “Gift cards and promotional codes

Amazon Tips and Secrets Code

It’s a jungle out there, but now you’re armed with all the information you need to make the most of your Amazon shopping trip. Happy shopping!

Do you have any Amazon tips or secrets that I didn’t mention? Please share them in the comments below. I’m always looking for new ways to save money.


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