Costco Fish & Chip Meal Kit

Where do I begin with the Costco Fish & Chip meal kit? After seeing all the hype about the Chicken Burger meal kit and hearing the Maritimer’s anticipation of the meal kits’ arrival in the Edmonton stores, I had high hopes. After finally finding the Fish & Chip meal kit in store, I was utterly disappointed! Let’s just dive in.

Costco Fish & Chip Meal Kit

How did it taste?

The lemon –

The best part of the meal kit was the fresh lemon that came in the box! Seriously, I thought that was a great touch. It looked so cute tucked into the box. It gave you the illusion that you were about to experience an incredible fish and chip experience like no other.

The coleslaw –

The first thing you want to do when you open the kit is to get your coleslaw made. The bag of chopped cabbage was fresh, and I was convinced supper was going to be amazing! Then, I opened the dressing. After giving it a quick taste, I knew right away that I should have tossed it and made my own. But how could I review the kit if I didn’t make it properly? So, I mixed it up, knowing it would be sub-par, and I was right.

No one in my house liked it. My husband said he would take my coleslaw over this stuff any day! I’ll have to share the recipe – it’s so easy! I ate mine, but only because I told myself I couldn’t taste the Rum Balls unless I ate my veggies! I’ve also reviewed them if you want to know what I thought of the Rum Balls.


The chips –

If the entire box had been filled with just the fries, I would have been much happier! These little potatoes wedges are amazing! I need to figure out what they do to the potatoes to make them crisp up so nicely! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

I cooked mine in the Air fryer, and they were perfect; soft inside and crispy outside. I didn’t add any spices because I wanted to taste them naked (the fries, not me!), but if I had them again, I would add some seasoning salt or other spices to level up the taste.

The fish – Cod

Maybe I’ve been spoiled when it comes to Fish’n chips. I’ve had had Fish & Chips around the world. If you’re ever in Barbados, do yourself a favour and head to Uncle Georges in Oistins! If you’re a serious fish and chip lover, go to Bulluck’s in Yellowknife! I would make a special trip to Yellowknife just to eat here again.

Back to reality and the Costco Fish. It was edible. I used the air fryer, so the fish was nice and crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside. There was nothing wrong with the fish, but nothing was remarkable about it either. It was a previously frozen, battered Cod. That’s it. Nothing to blog about, yet here I am.

Costco Fish & Chip Meal Kit - plated

The tartar sauce –

The tartar sauce was actually decent for a ready-made sauce. It had a very prevalent and pleasant dill taste, and I love dill! Still, I wouldn’t run out and buy a jar of it.

Cost –

I searched for the smallest box and ended up paying $23.90. It works out to $9.99 per kg. Not horrible price, considering it feeds 3 very hungry adults. It comes with 6 decent-sized pieces of fish, and you could easily feed your family of 2 adults and 2-3 kids.

Tips for the Costco Fish & Chip meal kit-

Normally I would say a meal kit saves you time, but the Costco Fish & Chip meal kit didn’t save me time, so why would I pay for the convenience?

Go to the frozen section of Costco, pick up a bag of fries. Then head over to the frozen fish and pick up a box of battered Cod. Don’t forget the bag of coleslaw mix and a lemon! Skip the Fish & Chip meal kit!

Sorry, Costco. I love you, but you failed with this kit.

Now, Let’s dig into those Rum Balls!


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