Bread Garden Rum Ball review

Bread Garden Rum Balls- sold at Costco

When I saw someone on YEG Costco Lovers ask for a review of the Bread Garden Rum Balls found at Costco, I instantly said to myself, “challenge accepted!” After all, it’s chocolate and rum in one tiny package!

Bread Garden Rum Balls sold at Costco

The smell –

That’s right, the smell! Breathe in through your nose. Now do it again. A pleasantly light aroma of sweet rum is the first to hit you. Then comes a nose of decadently rich chocolate. If you close your eyes and breathe in through your nose again, you will finally smell the light dusting of coconut.

Honestly, you need to take a moment and enjoy the smell of these little guys!

The taste –

When you take your first bite, the first thing you get is the tangy taste of rum. It’s a good thing! It’s a slight tang that says, “Hey, I’m made with real rum!” Not an overpowering rum taste like my bottle of Rumbar that I picked up in Jamaica, nor will it get you drunk like the bottle of Rumbar! You could eat the entire package and still remember what happened the night before! (Ummm…. Don’t judge me!)

The tang of the rum is actually a perfect way to calm the decadent chocolate taste. Biting into these balls is like biting into fudge. I was satisfied with one ball but had a second just to be sure I got the flavour profile right for this review. A third ball would have been too many. They are rich!

If you concentrate really hard, you can taste the coconut, but it’s very light. The little toffee bits add a nice feel. It breaks up the fudginess and adds interest to the texture. You can taste the toffee bits, but not in every bite.

Bread Garden Rum Balls stacked

Cost –

I bought the Rum Balls on sale for $7.99, but the regular price is $9.99 for a package of 20. At almost $0.50 per ball, they’re basically the same price as the new TimBiebs!

Would I repurchase these –

I wouldn’t buy these to eat on their own, but I would definitely buy these to put out on a dessert platter at Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It’s an item that’s meant to be shared.


Keep a few out to enjoy and freeze the rest for when you have that late-night chocolate craving. They freeze well.

They make a great addition to a dessert buffet or platter with other great Costco desserts like the Raspberry Crumble Cookies!

Nutritional Information

I stopped reading when I read that they were a good source of iron, but I won’t force my skewed views of the nutritional information on you. See for yourself.


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