Kirkland Signature- Raspberry Crumble Cookie

Raspberry Crumble Cookie

Where it all began…

Before we talk about Kirkland’s Raspberry Crumble Cookie, let’s chat about where this all began. About a year ago, I created a “Yeg Costco Lovers,” a Facebook group to help my fellow Costco Lovers navigate Costco without access to those beloved samples! (thanks, global pandemic!)

By the way, if you’re from Alberta, head over and join the fun on Facebook!

Now, admit it. You miss the samples as much as I do! How do you know you want to buy a family-sized case of Aunt Mary crackers if you don’t try them?

As my Facebook group grew to over 60K, some reviews and information were getting lost. The same questions were being asked repeatedly.

Hopefully, I’ve found the solution! A little corner of my Blog dedicated to Costco item reviews! It may take some time to build, but if you have a specific item that you would like reviewed, send me a message or leave it in the comments below.

Kirkland Signature Raspberry Crumble Cookie Review

I’ve been dying to try these cookies ever since I drooled over them on a US Costco group. It seems like they took forever to come to Canada! Once they did show up in Canada, I wasn’t all that interested. Or, should I say, my husband wasn’t all that interested!

So several months after their initial arrival in Canada, I broke down and bought them while I was out of town working. They did not disappoint!


They were $9.99 for a dozen, which is $12.39 per KG. That’s very comparable to all the other cookies at Costco.

How did they taste?

Amazing! I loved them! The base of the cookie is reminiscent of a soft, buttery shortbread cookie. Your teeth glide right through. So soft and crumbly, but not in a messy way!

Once you make it to the center of the Raspberry Crumble Cookie, you are treated with a delightful raspberry filling. Almost jam-like, but better! Dare I say fresher?

The cookie is covered in a light coating of icing sugar. It’s basically there to make the cookies pretty because it definitely doesn’t add much sweetness. The cookies are not overly sweet at all. They are nicely balanced!

I happened to buy them and bring them to work to share with my coworkers. They were a huge success! Everyone loved them!

Inside the Raspberry Crumble Cookie

Tell me more!

Even after sharing with my coworkers, I had lots of cookies left. Instead of eating them all in one night, I showed a bit of constraint and froze them. The best before date was 5 days after packaging and were too good to waste!

I froze them in a single layer then put them in a container. This way, 1 could take one out at a time. They froze very well and tasted the same as when I first bought them. However, I did discover that with a few seconds in the microwave, the flavour was really enhanced!


Just a few seconds in the microwave will really enhance the flavour.

Let’s recap!

  • Great Overall taste.
  • Freeze well.
  • Excellent price-quality.
  • I will be buying again!

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