Why should I use a Travel Agent?

Why should I use a Travel Agent is a common question. It seems so easy to book your own vacation with the online booking sites available today.

But, I’m here to tell you that you may want to consider using one. Let’s talk about why.

They are travel professionals

Need I say more?

You know how you hire a mechanic to fix your car or a massage therapist to give you a massage. The same goes for travel! You should turn to a travel professional for your travel needs. But, unlike the mechanic and massage therapist, you often don’t pay extra for the travel agent’s services. (bonus!)

Travel agents are trained in all forms of travel and can adapt quickly to suit your needs.

They do the research and relay essential details regarding your travel plans. This can include travel advisories, recent news, weather conditions, and all required documents for your destination.

They have destination knowledge 

Looking for somewhere unique? Travel agents explore new destinations and constantly look for the best vacations for their clients.

You can’t rely on review sites because many of the reviews are fake. A travel agent goes to the destinations or has someone in their network who has gone. They do site inspections and make sure you are getting what is promised.

You can rely on their first-hand knowledge and abundance of other travel-related resources.

They build their business on repeat clients and referrals. So they make sure you’re satisfied.

Travel Agent

They offer convenience

Yes, you could spend days or months researching and planning your vacation, but after a quick conversation, a travel agent can provide you with all the information in one handy spot.

This includes researching and suggesting destinations and arranging for flights, accommodations, airport transportation, and excursions.

Don’t leave it to guesswork and chance.

Travel Agent Plans

They build relationships

Are you still asking yourself, “Should I use a Travel Agent?”

They spend years developing relationships with their suppliers. For example, suppliers often provide extras that travel agents can add to your trip for free. Winner winner!

The relationship you build with your agent will allow them to handpick your vacation details and make it extra special.

Travel agents’ relationships with properties and other travel professionals will get you into incredible experiences and save you from unknowns.

For example, a travel agent and their connections can seamlessly accommodate room preferences and dietary needs.

Should I use a travel agent! Yes, for this stress free vacation,

They offer cost savings

I’ve heard many people say travel agents cost more and that they’ll spend more money working with one than when booking on their own.

You usually don’t pay more for vacations when working with a travel agent. In fact, you often save more money than you would if you booked online.

Travel agents have access to exclusive deals and keep track of current vacation promotions. Also, they know the best time to book and calculate the value of what you will receive.

They offer personal travel assistance

One of my favourite benefits of using a travel agent is the personal assistance you will get when working with an actual person versus the Internet.

For example, let’s say there are some flight changes or cancellations right before your trip. They can work with the airline, transfer company and hotel to get you to your final destination.

The personalized attention that you receive is an essential component to the success and overall enjoyment of the trip.

Simply put, your travel agent takes care of everything!

From the moment you start planning to the moment you arrive back home, a travel agent’s assistance is undeniably one of the best benefits.

They offer decreased stress

Another top benefit is that they always have your best interests at heart!

Travel agents assist their clients in making travel as smooth and as stress-free as possible. If something does go wrong on your trip, your travel agent will work out the kinks so you can get back to being stress-free.

When it comes to self-planning, internet searches provide overwhelming amounts of information. You shouldn’t need a vacation from vacation planning!

Can we agree that having someone meticulously plan your itinerary to be seamless and stress-free is good? You’re worth it!

Should I use a Travel Agent

You decide. While brick-and-mortar travel agencies are slowly becoming a thing of the past, using a home-based travel agent has seen a considerable resurgence. With travel becoming more complicated due to issues like political unrest and Covid, do you plan to use one for your next vacation? Let me know in the comments below. Or, if you would like some assistance planning your next trip, let’s connect.


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