Travel Trends for 2022

Travel Trends for 2023 and Beyond.

Travel trends for 2023 have an overall theme. Go BIG!

We have had two years to dream and plan, and we’ve got big plans. We are ready and itching to go, whether bucket list travel or multigenerational vacations. Let’s take a look at the booking trends as travel opens up.

Bucket List Trips

After two years of isolation and self-reflection, people have turned to their bucket list for travel ideas as the world opens up. We have done lots of soul-searching and made considerable changes in our lives, from changing careers to rethinking our priorities. This has drastically changed the way we look at our travel plans.

2023 will be the year we go big! Whether it’s an African Safari or swimming the Great Reef in Australia, this is the year to get started on our bucket list!

Bucket List travel trend 2022

Solo Travel 

The number of people taking solo trips has increased, and 2023 will continue this trend. The perks of travelling alone are numerous. Solo travellers can tailor their itinerary to match personal interests, make their own schedule, and switch plans on a dime. Plus, taking a trip alone often encourages folks to meet new people and pursue adventures they wouldn’t otherwise. 

More travellers choose to book trips for themselves after the uncertainty over the past two years. People go solo rather than waiting for a partner, friend, or family member to embark on that much-needed escape.

Solo travellers are game to meet up with others on organized trips, so they’re not by themselves 24/7. Women now prioritize travel experiences that will introduce them to other like-minded women as they hunt for community travel experiences. 

solo travel trend 2022

Multigenerational Travel

Generations of families are now travelling together, whether they’re flying to a distant location or taking a simple road trip. Sometimes these trips are in honour of an anniversary or a significant birthday. Still, some are simply an excuse to get back together and make up for the lost time.

Family vacations with multiple generations are more common than ever, especially with grandparents planning trips with grandchildren.

Now that fewer travel restrictions exist, we see increased family reunions and families wishing to travel together again. Because of the time spent apart or isolated, people are yearning for shared experiences and meaningful time together.

Multigenterational travel trend 2022

Private Travel

With cancellations and ever-changing schedules in commercial travel, the pandemic prompted a spike in private travel, from planes to boats to villas and secluded escapes.

Last-minute flight cancellations happen less frequently with private aviation. Similarly, chartering a yacht allows you to go at your own leisure while being pampered.

Wellness Travel

The wellness travel market is expected to increase 10% per year until it reaches $7 trillion by 2025. That’s hardly surprising. As we take better care of our physical and mental wellness, we see this spilling over to the travel sector.

Covid has demonstrated that there has never been a more important time to prioritize self-care, health, and wellness.

People seek retreats to provide nourishing surroundings where wellness specialists teach self-care routines and the latest research on healthy living. Travellers are escaping to the great outdoors and peaceful, Zen-like environments.

Wellness travel

Luxury Travel Trend

Whatever the destination, one thing is sure: people are willing to splurge for luxury. It’s time for us to take care of ourselves. This is one of the most remarkable travel trends of 2023.

We’ve just spent two years deprived of social interactions and all the experiences that make life enjoyable. People are willing to upgrade their hotels and excursions and travel to areas formerly considered out of their price range.

Using the Services of a Travel Professional

Travel has grown more complicated than it once was. Many people seek a travel specialist’s assistance to help them navigate the choppy waters of post-Covid travel. They feel safe knowing that a professional guide them through restrictions, vaccination and testing requirements, and insurance coverage. However, this isn’t the only reason individuals use a travel agent.

Travel arrangements in 2023 have become more sophisticated. Group and bucket list travel are complex to plan. With our mental health being more important to us, a travel professional may be the right choice.

Read my article on using a Travel Agent to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Using a travel agent travle trend 2022

What has changed in your travel plans for 2023? Do these travel trends for 2023 hit home? Will you be crossing something off your bucket list or taking a much-needed wellness vacation? Let me know in the comments section. Or, if you would like some assistance planning your next trip, let’s connect.


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