Costco Product Reviews

Shopping at Costco can be intimidating. Buying in bulk without knowing if the product is good leads to waste. I’ll help you limit your waste by giving you my honest review!

Summ! Apple Pie Rolls Review

Summ Apple Pie Rolls are a quick and tasty treat that is sure to please when you’re craving something sweet. Sure, they’re easy enough to make from scratch, but who has time for that! You, you have time? Well, if you insist…. I’ve tried this recipe from Eating Well, and […]


Costco Fish & Chip Meal Kit

Where do I begin with the Costco Fish & Chip meal kit? After seeing all the hype about the Chicken Burger meal kit and hearing the Maritimer’s anticipation of the meal kits’ arrival in the Edmonton stores, I had high hopes. After finally finding the Fish & Chip meal kit […]

Bread Garden Rum Ball review

Bread Garden Rum Balls- sold at Costco

When I saw someone on YEG Costco Lovers ask for a review of the Bread Garden Rum Balls found at Costco, I instantly said to myself, “challenge accepted!” After all, it’s chocolate and rum in one tiny package! The smell – That’s right, the smell! Breathe in through your nose. […]


Kirkland Signature- Raspberry Crumble Cookie

Where it all began… Before we talk about Kirkland’s Raspberry Crumble Cookie, let’s chat about where this all began. About a year ago, I created a “Yeg Costco Lovers,” a Facebook group to help my fellow Costco Lovers navigate Costco without access to those beloved samples! (thanks, global pandemic!) By […]